7 Tips for Creating Effective Blog Content

7 Tips for Creating Effective Blog Content

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Blogging is at a record high, with thousands of individuals starting on the process of creating their own blogs each and every day. Being able to put your own thoughts right out on the internet is an extremely attractive proposition for most bloggers.

It can be a daunting task. Starting a blog with an almost blank sheet of paper, is enough to put a lot of people off. However, when done right a blog can be a very useful source of information to others.

This post will take a look at some of the things that really should be considered when starting off blogging. If you like, some general hints, tips and suggestions that can help to make a blog into a successful one.


1.     Provide Unique Blog Content

As crazy as this might sound, this is the element where the majority of bloggers go wrong. It is vital the information that your blog is going to provide isn’t just a rehashed version of something that is already on another website. Using other peoples work might feel like a good option, especially when you are starting out and desperate for a lot of content.

Avoiding this temptation will pay dividends in the longer run. Visitors have an uncanny knack of sniffing out regurgitated content a mile off, so it’s just not worth the risk. Spend your time putting your very own slant on things, this way you will quickly gain a reputation for blog content that adds value for your readers.

Copyscape provide a free and paid for service to confirm that content is origianl and free from any plagiarism.

2.     Make it Easy to Navigate

One of the worst things for a blogger to do is to make it difficult for their visitors to find what they want. In many respects this is just the same as when you go to a supermarket or other store. When things are hard to find, most people just won’t bother to hang around.

The solution here is to provide your readers with a way of accessing your blog content. This is no problem at the start when you only have a handful of blog posts to contend with. However, at some time in the future when there are 40, 50 or even a hundred blog posts, some thought should be given as to how your readers will be able to find the material that is of interest to them.

For most bloggers they will have a category or tags section, or even an archive page. This will allow the readers to instantly find just what they are looking for, improving the overall feel of the site.

3.     Stick to your Niche Area

It can be all too easy for a blogger to get embroiled in areas that don’t relate to their own niche. This should always be avoided as it will only act to dilute the value that is being provided. Always try to remember that the reader has come to your site to find out about the blog content that you provide. Why would you want to start engaging with them on subjects that don’t interest them?

4.     Always Respond to Commenters

One sure fire way of creating interest in your blog content is to respond to each and every comment that is made, good or bad. This way you will be helping to generate a conversation between your readers. Very often these conversations are something that will bring people back to an existing blog, just to see what other people’s thoughts are on a particular subject.

If nothing else, responding in a courteous way to blog comments will demonstrate to your readers that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

5.     Ask your Readers what they want

A really effective way to create great blog content is to ask your readers what they want you to cover. This way you will be 100% sure of creating content that they will find useful and of interest. Whilst you will always want to be considered the authority in your own niche area, there is nothing wrong at all in asking readers for help every now and again.

Some of the most successful blogs will even have an area dedicated to this subject, such is the importance of providing readers with the content that they are looking for.

6.     Consider Accepting Guest Blog Posts

One of the most powerful ways to provide readers with different types of content can be done with ‘guest blogging’. This method will show the work of other bloggers on your own site. One of the best elements to this is that different viewpoints and writing styles can be showcased on your site, which in turn will broaden its appeal.

One thing to consider with this approach is that you should never allow guest blogging to take over your site. In addition to this the guest blog content should always be vetted, to ensure that it meets your sites high standards.

7.     Enjoy your Work

Perhaps one of the most important things of all, is to enjoy the work that you do. In the same way that people can tell if you are smiling when talking on the phone, they will know if you have enjoyed putting together your blog content. It nearly always shows in the quality of the work that people put out.

Effective Blog Content – The Wrap up

Putting together great blog content can be one of the most effective ways in which to gain new visitors to your site. Done correctly you can provide them with the information that they are looking for and quickly establish yourself as the authority in your particular niche area.




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