How to Bore your Blog Post Readers to Death

Bored of boring blogs?

How to create boring blog content

Follow These Easy Steps to Bore Your Blog Post Readers to Death!

Ideally a blog post should contain relevant, worthwhile information. The reader should be able to find answers to the questions that they have. Once they have read your blog post they should be left wanting to share the information. In fact to sum it up, a great blog will leave the reader with the WOW factor.

Sadly not too many posts actually manage to pull this off. A great many websites or blogs actually manage to bore their readers, almost to death. Well maybe “death” is a slight exaggeration; however, it is certainly to the point that the reader will never return.

This blog post will take a tongue in cheek look at how (if you really wanted too) you could bore the life out of your readers.

Disregard what your Readers are looking for

Despite having a decent understanding of your audience, you decide to ignore what you know. An example of this would be if you have a site in the internet marketing niche you could write about one of the latest Android games. Angry Birds seems to be in vogue at the moment, so maybe you could write a nice blog post about that.

Except for a few (everyone loves the birds, don’t they?) this will serve as a massive turnoff to your hard-core readers. Why? Well, for a start you are not offering them anything that will help them to become better marketers. As Uncle Google might say, the readers are getting “NO VALUE” from your latest offering. That is unless you can extract some valuable marketing information from the latest developments from the birdies.

The takeaway here is that you shouldn’t blog about it. Irrespective of just how enjoyable it will be for the person producing this kind of content.

Shoot from the Hip

This is great if you want to spout out things, almost willy nilly. Don’t bother to back up your statements with concrete facts and figures here. Your readers will surely take what you have to say on face value, without questioning. Omit important data research or 3rd party information and away you go.

Of course, when you choose to write in this fashion most people will take what you have to say with a very large pinch of salt. Continued use of this “shoot from the hip” method will make it extremely difficult for you to ever become the AUTHORITY in your niche.

In reality it is much better to cite the data source that you use. So if you wanted to discuss how people can find a niche area when all the good ones are already gone you could refer to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog and talk about forgetting “Brand-new” and get your readers to think about “Better-new”. You would probably want to let your readers know that to be successful they cannot just do the same as everyone else. To be truly successful they would need to do things better than others.

The important message here is you should look to back up what you are saying. By cementing value to what you have to say your blog will gain additional credibility.

** NB: This doesn’t mean that you will plagiarise their content. You should always be wanting to put your own slant on things and then back that up with reference to credible sources.

Constantly Refer to Yourself – It’s Fascinating!

Remember when you met up with an old friend who you haven’t seen for a while. At the start its great to catch up. But, then they tend to be more than happy to let you know everything that they have been up to (to the n’nth degree). After a while it is all you can do to stop yourself screaming! Constantly referring to yourself is a lot like this, boring.

Of course it is perfectly acceptable to go with a small amount of self-promotion. Done in the right way it can work out okay. Ideally you should be aiming to make your content informative. Remember, providing value to the readers is vital to the success of any blog site.

Providing you have researched well your blog post will have an excellent opportunity to provide answers to your readers’ questions. Think about the questions that you might have relating to a particular subject and the rest will come easy.

Again, once you can provide real value for the visitors of your site they will be keen to return. Not only that, but they will also be happy to pass on (share) your (helpful) content to others.

Overload them with Techno-speak

There will of course be times when you need to go into additional detail to cover your ideas better. Why not go the whole hog and prove your expertise by tying your audience up in knots. You will be able to achieve your ultimate goal and appear almost condescending. Reasons to travel in this direction include:

  • You are the expert in this field
  • They should recognise your expertise
  • Readers struggle to doubt what they don’t fully understand

Sadly this approach will not help your readers to learn as much as they could or should. There is a very real danger that they will switch off.

So why not make your blog post read more like a face to face conversation that any normal person would have. This way you are much more likely to retain your reader to the end. Credibility will be built up and it is highly likely that any “calls to action” will be followed.

While we are on the subject of content, why not ramble on. Taking too long to get to the point that you want to make will surely help to make your reader vacate the blog. Mission accomplished!

Write in Long Passages of Text

Remember the most boring book that you have ever read? Well, the chances are that each page was filled to the brim with text. That’s the point of books, I hear you say…. Well sure it is, but there are many ways and means of achieving the desired result.

Unless you are planning to write a thrilling novel that demands the reader continues to read you will struggle here. However, there is a solution. Why not break up your text a little. Adding images or info graphics can be one of the very best ways to achieve this. Allowing your readers to pause for breath is a great way to keep them engaged.

Sub heads are vital if you want readers to stay on track. How do I know this? Well it’s a fact that most people won’t read an entire blog post. Think about the last time that you read a newspaper article in full, ahh the penny drops! The brain works to scan the material that it sees, in the event of finding information that seems interesting they will read on; failing that they are gone.

Jeff Goins covers this in greater detail in his excellent post: How to write scannable content for your blog

Make it Devoid of Passion

Even though you are knowledgeable in your niche, why not write about areas that you are not really keen on. This methodology can be hard work for a writer; however, it is even more difficult for the reader.

It will probably come across like the subject matter has been forced on the writer. The lack of interest and passion in the blog post will easily transferred on to the reader. If this is your aim, then bingo; you are almost guaranteed a snoozefest of a post.

Bore your Readers – The Wrap Up

Okay, so now you have reached the bottom of this blog post it is perhaps important to remind you that this is how not to do things. Remember this was a tongue in cheek look at what makes for a boring blog post.

Most of what has been covered you will already know; however the important part comes in the shape of not actually repeating them. If you can manage that then you will be well on the way to producing great value content that doesn’t bore your readers

It's Your Turn

What do you think makes for incredibly boring content? How do you avoid writing content that leaves your readers feeling bored? Have you come across content that failed to make the right impact with you? Share your experiences and insights in the comments box below. 



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4 Comments  to  How to Bore your Blog Post Readers to Death

  1. Joe S. says:

    Hey Glenn,

    Thanks for sharing this. I hope I am not boring my readers (The few that I have) I will take in to consideration your post and info the next time I am writing and posting.



    Joe S. recently posted..Is the Black Plastic Trim on Your Car Fading?My Profile

    • Glenn C says:

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad that you liked my post! :)

      I paid a quick visit to your site earlier and can confirm that you akready have interesting content, keep going,,,

      All the best,


  2. I think one of the most efective ways to write is by using bullet points.

      •  They draw the readers eye.

      •  Bite sized.

      •  Informative.

      •  Search engine friendly.


    I could go on but I think you get the picture.

    Chloe Bergman recently posted..Lockable mailboxes built to lastMy Profile

    • Glenn C says:

      Exactly, thanks Chloe,

      The important thing is to make sure that you can provide information that is not only useful, it also stimulates the reader. Large chunks of text are a sure fire way to lose a potential long-term reader! 

      Thanks so much for your valued comment.


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