Why Your SEO Copywriting Might be Damaging Your Image

Why Your SEO Copywriting Might be Damaging Your Image

Spammy SEO Content

Many website owners have been caught up in the search engine optimization (SEO) bandwagon. You might be asking, what exactly is meant by this? Well it would appear that a large number of websites and blogs have literally gone keyword crazy!

What seems to be happening is that some SEO ‘experts’ have been recommending a keyword ratio of between 5 and 10 percent. Put into plain English this basically means that you would repeat a particular keyword or phrase so that it makes up to 10 percent of the content on a post or page. So in the event of targeting the phrase “Article Writing”, those words would be splattered all over the content.

Have you ever seen a webpage that is like that? Well if you have, then you will probably agree that it is not pretty. Furthermore it doesn’t really do much to add value for the reader, does it?

Why do it on a Website?

You could look at it another way. When you are in conversation, do you mention the same phrase or word in every 10 words that you speak? Let’s hope not. So why would you want to do it on a website?

Well this is the part that some of these so-called SEO experts have been preaching. Many of them will suggest that your visitors won’t really read your copy, so it doesn’t really matter. They couldn’t be further from the truth though.

It should be remembered that search engine optimisation is about getting natural, or unpaid traffic to your site. There is certainly nothing natural with spouting off about your keyword once in every 10 words, is there?

Today’s SEO content is all about providing the reader with valuable information. Good web content should be about providing them with the information that they cannot get anywhere else. Not about stuffing a load of keywords down someone’s throat in the desperate attempt that your page will sit a little higher in the search engine rankings. Those days are long gone.

Fluency with the Language

The best copywriters will have the ability to produce the content that readers are looking for. They will be able to use the fluency that they have in the language with the skill of adding in the keywords that are required. In the process they will provide the much needed valuable SEO content, without it coming across as spammy.


10 Comments  to  Why Your SEO Copywriting Might be Damaging Your Image

  1. Tisha Oehmen says:

    Wow, 5-10%?!??! That's painful! I have to admit, I often find 3-5% a little repetitive, but understand the reasons, still anything over 5% will turn off more human readers — who have the power to purchase or not based on what they read. 

    Tisha Oehmen recently posted..What’s the Difference? Brand Book, Brand Guidelines, Brand Bible, and Identity GuidelinesMy Profile

    • Glenn C says:

      Thanks so much for commenting, couldn’t agree more with you Tisha, 

      For sure anything over 5% will just serve to turn readers away, total spam! 


  2. What a very informative site, I have found alot of very useful information here and still have a lot more to read. Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put in….

  3. Tom says:

    Thank you for your article (and please excuse me, English is not my mother tongue). In all cases, it's a topical issue that will have to be treated in this way more often. Regards, Roger.

    Tom recently posted..Considérer la distance dans son pronostic PMUMy Profile

  4. Vivek Bhatt says:

    Glenn C agree with you. fluency of language is now another factor. bloggers need to care about it. thank you. you wrote it nicely. hope to see more stuff like this.

    Vivek Bhatt recently posted..Digital Camcorder HD-55E 2.7″ TFT At $ 51.80My Profile

  5. Justin says:

    Hi Glenn,

    I just followed your guest post over from the ComLuv blog and wanted to check out your site.

    I didn't really get the whole SEO thing until recently. I just added the Yoast SEO plugin to my blog which basically helped me to really "get" SEO.

    My main focus for writing is for the reader of course, and also to try and find some fresh and new topics that have not been written much about before, which is hard to do.

    Take Care.

    Justin recently posted..Brain Evolution System ReviewMy Profile

    • Glenn C says:

      Hi Justin,

      Thanks so much for coming to take a look :)

      Yes Yoast SEO works well. However, no plug in can ever replace well researched, original content.

      Agreed, sometimes it can be a challenge to provide fresh material. But, the more you write the easier it becomes.

      Thanks again,


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