Maybe Your Business Should Stop Blogging

Overcoming some of the Obstacles to BloggingMaybe Your Business Should Stop Blogging

There is no getting away from it, blogging is massive and it’s definitely here to stay. Statistics would suggest that most online businesses have some kind of blogging platform, which of course they use to interact with their readers. It is these same statistics that also show around 30% of these businesses are missing out on a remarkable opportunity. Blogging is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate a company’s expertise, what’s more is that it is also brilliant for helping with search engine optimisation (SEO).


The fact is that the businesses that fall into this category are either providing content that is not perceived valuable by their readers, or they are failing to update their blogs often enough.

So why does this happen?

Well very often the reasons fall into one of these 3 categories:

·        Not enough time available

·        Insufficient skill levels

·        Not deemed to be important enough

Most organisations can deal with the first two of these issues. Sometimes it might just come down to a review of blogging practices. The last one is much harder to get around. Businesses who feel this way will have done so because they are yet to witness some of the powerful positive effects of blogging.

Understanding the importance of Blogging

Thankfully the vast majority of organisations understand the power of the blog and in an ideal world would blog their hearts out. Unfortunately the ‘ideal world’ just doesn’t exist and there are many other influences that prevent this from happening.

If your company falls into this category then it might be useful to consider the following approach:

·        Get together with the people who are responsible for producing the blog content

·        Ask then for their opinions

·        Maybe they are unsure about what to write about

·        Or Maybe they don’t have the skills to complete the task

If the outcome is not a positive one then it might be worth considering outsourcing the content. This doesn’t have to be expensive, as they are many professional blog content services that provide great value for money. At least this way you will be doing something positive to promote your business.

Stopping Blogging Might be the Sensible Option

In the event that the budget prevents this from being a realistic option, then it might well be better to put the blogging activities on hold; until such a time as things change. This will stop the disjointed approach that can actually do more harm than good.

There are other opportunities to promote your business activities; these might be in the form of updating web content or similar projects. However, it must be said that blogging still remains as one of the most powerful and cost effective options

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2 Comments  to  Maybe Your Business Should Stop Blogging

  1. Kari says:

    I know that I have started following many blogs only to be dissappointed by the lack of upkeep and attention. In fact, I have done this myself, and I know the backlash it can recieve from an interested audience.

    I think that blogging is necessary, because everyone looks to see if you or your product has a blog. You can keep their interest if you blog about relevant and things.

    I agree, outsorcing is a great option if you don't have the skills or time to blog. I think outsourcing is underused in the online world, and it can promote you from the ranks of 'want to suceed' to 'will succeed'.

    Kari recently posted..Writer’s Block Due To a Chaotic MindMy Profile

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