The Right Mood behind Every Blogging

The Power of Postive ThinkingThey said that the best way to keep your blog in its tiptop shape is by providing timely replies to all your received comments.  Another advised you to reconsider changing your site layout and weeding off visual noise.

Those suggestions can be easily addressed, except for this: maintaining regular posting

Everybody claims how difficult it is to write daily, weekly or monthly.  It is a challenge budding and expert bloggers have come across.  It doesn’t even stop from taking you off your focus, or plying you to procrastinate. 

But oh – you know, in your heart of hearts, that you’re followers and site visitors deserve the best of what you can offer.  To make it possible, discover the trick at hand: tweaking the right moods

Nobody knows how long moods take effect, but if you can somehow take advantage, even for a short time, the benefits brought by such moods, then taking time to psyche it, condition it is just worthwhile.  For the specifics, below are the right moods for that regular blog writing-slash-posting:

(1)   Curiosity Streak:  Believe it or not, even a streak of fascination is sufficient to get your fingers tapping.  You see, to be able to come up with a good topic, you would need to become fully immersed.  You can get real wrapped up about a prior or nagging experience, or a service or a product.  And then of course, that immersion makes up a considerable lot of your articles content. 


To tweak that mood, do not just resort to reading and obtaining relevant information.  Rather, opt for actually experiencing it.  If not, look and peruse pictures connected to it.  


(2)   Hyper-sensitive Bug:  Sometimes, what constantly fill the articles are actually details. These details go unnoticed for those who have not the initiative to take careful notes, or hazard a second glance.  Yet, for those who do feel compelled to rack their brains by skimming on promising keywords and areas, the search for compelling blog content could eventually be over.

To activate that hypersensitive mood for writing, take a huge dose of reading.  Overwhelming your senses with so much information could easily push you into heightening your radar for relevant concepts to touch for your blog.


(3)   Highly Receptive Self:  Imagine that state of superb openness; when you got it in you, piecing out out-of-the-box scenarios and ideas for the blog just comes smooth.  You can easily entertain certain possibilities and contain it to explore prospects revolving around the given topic.

To get you pried open: envision a temporal and metaphorical freeing of your old biases and assumptions – as these usually works to trigger defence mechanisms that stop you from taking information inside your system.

These presented moods, for some, are not necessarily moods.  Rather, they’re actually possessed traits of which works as strengths in the context of blogging.  Such folks are considered lucky, but those who don’t have them are not necessarily in for a very big trouble. 

As long as you make it a point to tweak some productivity-inducing moods, regular posting on you blog won’t have to be a struggle.

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