5 Tips to Write Compelling Blog Posts: Connect with Your Audience

Connect with Your Audience Through Compelling Blog Posts

5 Tips to Write Compelling Blog PostsA large number of blog owners simply write for their target audience, without being able to fully grasp how to engage with them. Sadly, when this happens they are missing out on a vital element of blogging. You might well feel that you know exactly what your readers wants to see, but do you know how they want to view it?

Being able to write compelling blog posts that inspire your audience to take action can provide a massive differential to you websites fortunes. One way that you will know if you have hit the mark is by reviewing your own click-thru-rates or other metrics.

Put simply, it can really allow you to grab hold of your audience and keep their attention by providing expert advice. It is this kind of advice that will help to cement your position as the authority in your niche area.

This blog post will cover just how you can write compelling content with the aid of these five strategies.

1.     Engage, Engage

Your audience needs to know that you are talking to them. There is no better way to achieve this than to use words such as “your” or “you”. This will help to engage with your readers and make them feel unique.

To understand this further, you might like to take a look at the excellent post by Brian Clark on copyblogger. The “The Two Most Important Words in Blogging” post is a little older than most; however, I think you will agree that it has withstood the test of time.

Helping to deliver value to readers is the only way that your site will grow. As you will read, there is no better way to doing this than engaging your readers.

2.     Appeal to Their Emotions

Before you can appeal to the emotions of others it is probably a good idea to assess your own.

Take a moment or two to understand exactly what drives you. How do you feel in the moments before you take action? Desire, fear and hope quite possibly spring to mind for the majority of people reading this.

The good news is that your readers will be feeling the same. Remember, they are on your site to find the information that will help them to become successful in their own niche.

The best way to use this strategy is to inject some spark into your content. A great way to do this is with the blog post title itself:

(Standard)                    - How to write compelling blog posts

(Emotionally charged) - Get Your Blog Posts Read: 5 Tips to Write Compelling Blog Posts

As you can see, there is a world of difference in the above examples. Why not start today by providing your blog readers with emotionally charged titles?

3.     Create and Answer Questions

Becoming the authority in your niche area is even easier when you answer the questions that your audience has.

When writing your next blog post, why not put yourself in the shoes of your reader. This will enable you to explore the various “what ifs” that will inevitably cross their minds. Rather than leaving them hanging you can use your skills to explore and solve these additional questions.

A great way to deal with this area can be to cover some of the possible objections that they might have when reading your material. This will help enormously to demonstrate the transparency of your work. When doing so, your readers will not feel “snowballed” into the one way emotions that they do when reading the posts of other bloggers.

4.     Repetition is Key

Understanding that it takes the average person a few weeks to form their habits is vital to your success.

The important thing here is to recognise that you will only have a minute percentage of this time. Your mission during this time is to ingrain your message firmly into your reader’s minds.

To help achieve this it is essential that you use your content to deliver a clear and concise message. Don’t wait until the end to deliver your “take-away.” Tell your readers what’s in it for them several times during the post.

If you run a website that helps readers to learn another language, an example to help illustrate this further might be something like:

Begin your content with “practice reading and speaking in your free time as much as possible”, ending with a similar sentiment, “be sure to use your free time to practice your reading and writing as much as possible.”

5.     Keep it Sweet

Repeating your message shouldn’t ever make your readers feel that you are being condescending. Try to break down larger chunks of text into more manageable elements. It has long been proven that most people are able to digest information better when it is in bite-sized pieces.

Offering concise and useful information will be your best friend here. The use of sub heading and bullet points or numbered lists will go a long way into making your content more readable.

This way there is a much improved chance of your readers making it all the way through your blog post rather than choosing to switch off half-way through.

It's Your Turn

What do you think? What other ways can work well to provide readers with compelling content? How do you manage it on your own sites? Share your own experience and insights in the comments box below.


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